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Why pay high fertility prices at home when you can visit Mexico Fertility Center in Mexicali, Mexico and receive outstanding fertility treatments at significant savings over prices in the U.S., Canada and Europe? Every year, thousands of couples, single parents and LGBT couples choose fertility treatments in Mexico at savings of 50% and more!


Our patients routinely save 50% to 70% over prices at home, even when including the costs of travel, hotel, meals and more. Reducing stress has proven helpful in increasing the odds of conception. 


We invite you to consider a fertility vacation in Mexicali. Many of our international patients return home with the most wonderful souvenir…a baby!


IVF Cycles* include the following:


  • All medical consultations

  • Private hospital fees

  • Anesthetic fees

  • Operating room fees

  • IVF laboratory fees

  • Embryo freezing

  • Scans


* Pricing is based on current prices in Mexicali, MX.

* ICSI, assisted hatching and blastocyst are an additional cost.


For more information about our pricing or to speak with our

International Patient Coordinator, please call us from the U.S. at


+52 (686) 582-3666


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Almater Medical Specialties Tower  

Suite 107 (1ST. FLOOR)

148 "C" Street, Nueva 

21100, Mexicali, BC. México



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(686) 552 3487


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+52 (686) 582 3666




9am - 7.30pm


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